भगवद्गीता अध्याय-१ श्लोक-२५


में कृष्ण का दास आपके के लिए अध्याय-१ श्लोक-२५ ले आया हु तो कृपया करके उसको  पढ़िए गा जरुर अगर आपको उसका ऑडियो फाइल चाहिए तो निचे दिए गए DOWNLOAD बटन पर क्लिक करके डाउनलोड कर सकते है | तो चलिए श्लोक-२५ की तरफ बढ़ते |

Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 1, Verse 25

भीष्मद्रोणप्रमुखतः सर्वेषां च महीक्षिताम्।

उवाच पार्थ पश्यैतान्समवेतान्कुरूनिति।।1.25।।

bhīṣhma-droṇa-pramukhataḥ sarveṣhāṁ cha mahī-kṣhitām
uvācha pārtha paśhyaitān samavetān kurūn iti

bhīṣhmaGrandsire BheeshmadroṇaDronacharyapramukhataḥin the presencesarveṣhāmallchaandmahī-kṣhitāmother kingsuvāchasaidpārthaArjun, the son of Prithapaśhyabeholdetānthesesamavetāngatheredkurūndescendants of Kuruitithus


BG 1.25:  In front of Bhishma and Drona, and all the rulers of the

earth, said: "O Arjuna (son of Pritha), behold these Kurus gathered together."


Shree Krishna called Arjun “Parth, son of Pritha, another name for his mother Kunti.” Then he pointed at all the warriors like Bhishma, Drona and other kings on the Kaurava side and deliberately used the word “Kuru” to address them. It was to remind Arjun that both Kauravas and Pandavas were all decedents of the great king Kuru. Therefore, the enemy he was so eager to kill was actually his own family and relatives. The Omniscient Lord was sowing the seed of delusion in Arjun’s mind, only to eliminate it later. He was preparing the ground for the gospel he was about to preach - The Bhagavad Geeta, which would benefit the future generations in the age of Kali.

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